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Why Outsource to LexOutsource?


We see our service as a solution for lawyers who find themselves caught between the competing demands to conserve valuable time, money, and energy on the one hand, and the need to conduct effective legal research and writing on the other.

It is well-known that the absence of thorough legal research, writing and analysis can make preparing a credible case or defence impossible. However, with so much pressing work on their plate, which lawyer wants to spend hours attempting to uncover a “needle in the haystack” precedent – not to mention having to battle brain fog and brief fright. This is particularly so when resource crunches, tight budgets, and time pressure are an issue.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this dilemma – namely, retaining an outside expert on an as-needed basis. Outsourcing your legal research, writing and analysis work could not be easier, or more cost effective. Due to modern technology, legal research and writing tasks can be completed by anyone with access to a computer. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that collaborating team members do not need to be physically present in one place to successfully work on a project. We invite you to leave this non-core area of your practice to us, and focus on your core competencies and ensure further growth for your law firm.

Remember, we work for you: You establish the criteria, set the deadline and control the costs of the project. This allows you to retain us in the manner that confers the most value for you and your clients.

Core Benefits of Outsourcing

Over the past two decades, the advantages of legal process outsourcing have been widely discussed and recognized. We highlight a selection of these key benefits below.

Win More Cases

Legal research and writing are key components of any law practice and a powerful tool in the hands of the best lawyers. Indeed, locating the most favourable case-law can make a dramatic difference in outcomes, and correspondingly, your reputation and revenue. In a similar vein, your pleadings and briefs are arguably the most important communications you will have with the court.

However, despite its importance, there is a dire shortage of specialized skills to conduct effective legal research and writing. This includes the knowledge, training and experience to effectively navigate multiple legal research databases, identify the most relevant precedents, and analyze and compile the results into a completed written product.

Our experienced and specialized team are waiting to assist you, not just with drafting legal documents, but also offering ideas and developing strategies designed to give you and your clients the best possible outcomes on your cases. This has the added benefit of helping you to win cases by equipping you with the same firepower enjoyed by large firms. We will help you develop a laser focus on the important legal arguments in your case, and then use our resources to develop winning motions and briefs for your clients. We have successfully researched and advised on some of the most complicated legal issues around. We will hit the track running, so that you can devote yourself to focus on the lucrative aspects of your practice, like acquiring new clients, while we focus on making you and your client look good on paper.

Reduce Your Fixed Costs

Hiring another lawyer is not an advisable way of lessening the burden imposed by your legal research and writing commitments as it leaves your law firm with a large fixed expense and investment in time to train the new lawyer. In addition, if your practice slows down you may be stuck with an employee with too much time on their hands. However, if you hire us to do your legal research and writing, you will not be tied into a long-term contract or have a fixed salary related overhead. Moreover, because you will be hiring us on an as-needed basis, you also will not need to pay for recruitment or costly training programs for new lawyers. There are also other savings you could realize. For instance, the costs of premium electronic legal resources to aid your staff in legal research and writing can be prohibitive. Most law firms also do not have the budget to maintain access to electronic resources in areas of law which are not the core focus of their practice. However, we have access to virtually every major electronic source of law. By retaining us, we alone absorb the costs of these electronic sources of law, and you are left with more money to help develop your law firm.

Increase Your Profitability and Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many lawyers to face the fact that in the long-run, an agile, elastic workplace model is essential to ensuring a profitable and successful law firm. Our service allows for near-infinite scalability and elasticity, so you can quickly acquire the legal research and writing talent you need, and as much as you need, at exactly the right time. We can be a force multiplier for your team, with remote high-end legal research and writing talent available on-demand. You also have the financial freedom to simply increase, reduce or cancel your commitment at any time. Because our remote working model is well-established, we are also kitted up and ready to go to work immediately. We will hit the ground running to make an impact on your workload within days. This applies regardless of whether you have an ongoing need for legal research and writing assistance, or merely require once-off help with an unexpected and sudden demand.

Improve Your Work Product

We know many lawyers have the skills to handle their own legal research and writing. However, time and resources will always limit your work product. Our team works solely in the field of legal research and writing, has access to the best legal databases and knows how to use them to discover the most appropriate results. Because of our knowledge and specialization, we can also make good use of the available time to produce outstanding legal research and writing at reasonable rates.

Focus on What You Enjoy Most

Legal research and writing tasks can be daunting for even the best lawyers. Lawyers often sit down to research a legal issue or draft a brief, and before they know it, the whole morning is gone and then the whole afternoon. We all have our areas of expertise. For instance, many lawyers love oral advocacy and court appearances, but loath brief writing. Do you spend several hours looking at a blank word document wondering how to put your argument in writing? Do you prefer the courtroom, where you can think on your feet and spin the facts into a fascinating oral argument? In that case, it is probably not the best use of your time and your client’s money to battle brain fog and brief fright. Let us handle your legal research and writing instead. We provide ready to file documents which require little to no additional revision.

Free Up Your Time

Legal research, writing, and analysis are time-consuming and complex, despite being extremely important aspects of litigation. With many lawyers being pressed between the divergent needs of their clients, the time necessary to conduct intricate legal research, writing and analysis becomes severely limited. Perhaps you want to take a vacation and recharge but are hindered by inflexible deadlines to file your pleadings, motion or brief. Maybe you are on a tight deadline and your crammed calendar does not have space to accommodate time-sensitive legal writing. Alternatively, you may trying to achieve a better work-life balance and to reduce the stress and uncertainty in your life and practice, but have found that your legal research and writing responsibilities are hindering your efforts.

Whatever the case may be, we are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to step in and handle your legal research and writing tasks. This provides an effective way to free up your time for what matters most to you, whether it be focusing on your core business – or simply enjoying more time with friends and family.

The LexOutsource Advantage

Our clients consistently report that our professional legal research team surpasses their in-house resources in terms of experience, cost-effectiveness, thoroughness, and efficiency. Despite the numerous legal outsourcing options available, LexOutsource stands out as a top-tier service provider for a variety of compelling reasons which we identify below.

The Quality of Our Legal Team

The quality of legal research, writing and analysis is only as good as the person who prepares it. With many entities, it will be handled by someone who has never practiced law, or even worse, by a paralegal. In others, one person handles everything that comes in the door, even though they may have never dealt with the area of law in question. In contrast, all our legal research, writing and analysis is overseen by someone who has actually practiced as a lawyer. In fact, our entire team is made up of solid veterans with many years of experience. And because of our experience, we are able to specialize by area of law. Therefore, each member of our team is an expert in their own right with a unique set of skills and experiences. We draw on these distinct sets of skills to support and challenge one another, share best practices, and collaborate to advance the goals of our clients. Thus, when you outsource to us, you will be getting an experienced law graduate, trained at a top law school, with a wealth of experience in the area of law your case concerns.

Client Satisfaction

The lawyers who utilize LexOutsource speak volumes about the quality of our legal research, writing and analysis services. Over the years, we have completed projects for more than 500 firms nationwide, on over 5000 cases. Not only that, but 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. This is significantly more than any similar entity. Please read the testimonials from satisfied lawyers throughout this site and decide for yourself about the quality of our services.


In spite of the high-quality of the services we offer, our fees are extremely reasonable. In fact, to our knowledge, at $75 to $100 an hour, our fee structure is cheaper than any similar entity in existence. Moreover, we understand that not every case has an unlimited budget for legal research, writing and analysis. Consequently, we will work to find a way to help you on a case, even if your funds are limited.

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