LexOutsource offers a comprehensive range of legal research, writing, and analysis services
to lawyers across Canada.

Our expertise spans a variety of legal research and writing tasks, from rapid case-law and
legislation searches to in-depth analysis of specific legal questions. We have crafted
thousands of legal memoranda, pleadings, motions, and briefs, addressing diverse legal
areas such as auto accidents, financial institution regulations, property disputes, alleged
Charter violations, and more. We customize our services to accommodate your needs.

Crucially, we recognize that legal research, writing, and analysis are interrelated disciplines.
For example, legal research involves more than just locating legal sources; it requires actively
utilizing the gathered information and integrating it with other skills, such as problem-
solving, legal analysis, and writing, to create a comprehensive end product that effectively
explains and interprets the law. Likewise, the legal writing process encompasses several
steps, including legal research, critical reading, understanding, and analysis, to coherently
connect the case facts with the law and present them in a well-structured manner. As a
result, we embrace a holistic and integrated approach, ensuring that clients who engage our
legal research services also benefit from our writing and analysis expertise, and vice versa.

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Our Services


Legal Research

Covering statutes, case-law and secondary sources of federal and provincial law, as well as several foreign jurisdictions.


Legal Writing

Drafting legal documents, such as pleadings, motions, facta, written submissions, memoranda of law, contracts and summaries.


Legal Analysis

Applying the law and offering ideas and strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes on your matters.

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