We firmly believe that transparent pricing information enables clients to assess the fairness and value of our services. Our primary focus is on reducing your overall costs without compromising quality. As a result, our fee structure is designed to be clear, fair, and reflective of our expertise, making our services accessible to most Canadian lawyers.

Project costs will vary based on several factors, including the number of issues, their complexity, the jurisdictions involved, and the desired format of the final output. 

We strive to minimize project costs whenever possible. For instance, when a matter permits a more flexible budget, we can reduce costs by decreasing the number of hours spent on the project. We also understand that engaging our services doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. You can choose to delegate specific tasks to us while managing the rest in-house.

To accommodate different client preferences, we offer various fee options and payment methods. We are dedicated to working closely with you to determine the most suitable arrangement for your unique needs and the particular project at hand.

Pricing Models

Prepaid Hours

This is the most cost-effective of option and allows for a significant reduction in our standard hourly rate. For an upfront payment of $1500, we will provide you with a credit, entitling you to 20 hours of services from us, to use within 1 year. This works out to an effective rate of $75 an hour.

Hourly Billing

Our normal hourly billing rate is $100 per-hour, with a possible surcharge for any rush assignment. If your matter is billed on an hourly basis, we record the time spent on your project and multiply this time by our hourly rate. In many cases, we can provide a cost estimate based on what other clients have paid for similar projects.

Fixed Cost

We can also quote a fixed fee for an entire project. This option takes mystery and stress out of budgeting for project, and you will never receive surprise bills for additional fees you did not expect or anticipate. Instead, if we exceed our internal time estimate for the matter, we absorb the additional cost. Therefore, the time we devote to the matter is not relevant.
We are also open to customizing our fee model to meet your specific needs.

Typical Fees

While our fees will vary based on the complexities of each individual case, below is a list of what we typically charge for specific types of projects.

Ready to file factum or written submissions in respect of an appeal
$1200 – $1800

Two-issue memorandum with a focus on national and provincial law
$600 – $1200

Single-issue brief summary with a focus on one province
$400 – $700

Making Payment

We accept payment by credit card, Interac e-transfer, bill payment, cheque, and PayPal.

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