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LexOutsource provides a suite of innovative, high-quality, and solution-oriented legal research, writing and analysis services to Canadian lawyers. These services cater to the complex and diverse needs of law firms and are available on-demand, at a reasonable price.

By combining comprehensive experience in legal research, writing and analysis, with a deep understanding of the law, we can address your most complex queries and deliver innovative advice that is critical to the success of your clients.

To date, we have been entrusted by over 500 lawyers throughout Canada to handle a wide range of legal research and writing tasks. These cover all sorts of issues, from the small and simple, to the very large and complex. We have drafted everything from short pleadings to detailed and complex appellate briefs.

Our Services


Legal Research

Covering statutes, case-law and secondary sources of federal and provincial law, as well as several foreign jurisdictions.


Legal Writing

Drafting legal documents, such as pleadings, motions, facta, written submissions, memoranda of law, contracts and summaries.


Legal Analysis

Applying the law and offering ideas and strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes on your matters.

Why Choose Us?

LexOutsource provides a full suite of legal research, writing and analysis services to lawyers throughout Canada.

Our entire team is skilled in responding to a wide range of legal research and writing requests, from quick requests for cases and legislation to in-depth analysis on specific questions of law.

They use the latest online research tools, search across various data sources to identify statutes, regulations and legislation, and understand the interplay of municipal, provincial and federal laws.

To date, we have drafted thousands of legal memoranda, pleadings, motions and facta, covering areas of law ranging from auto accidents to the regulation of financial institutions, from property disputes between neighbours to alleged Charter violations.

Our Pricing Models

Prepaid Hours

This is the most cost-effective of our pricing models through which you purchase blocks of 20 hours which are valid for a year.

Hourly Billing

Our post-paid hourly billing rate is $100 per-hour, with a possible surcharge for any rush assignment.

Fixed Cost

We can usually also quote a fixed fee for the entire project. This model is ideal where the desired work on a matter is subject to changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

LexOutsource is a company founded in 2012 that provides legal research, writing and analysis support to Canadian lawyers. This type of service is commonly referred to as legal process outsourcing.

LexOutsource uses a hybrid model to ensure quality and affordable legal services. We employ experienced legal professionals based in South Africa to handle the bulk of the actual legal work. In turn, a non-resident Canadian legal professional provides oversight and quality control. This blended model is capable of delivering high quality services at a low cost, resulting in savings of up to 90%.

In virtually every jurisdiction where the question has been considered, the relevant regulatory bodies have found that outsourcing legal services is ethical. For example, ABA Formal Opinion 08-451 states that “There is nothing unethical about a lawyer outsourcing legal and nonlegal services, provided the outsourcing lawyer renders legal services to the client with the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.”

In Canada, the Ethics Committee of the Law Society of British Columbia (opinion dated March 3, 2005) concluded that “Provided the lawyer can supervise a contractor in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 12 and can fulfill required obligations of confidentiality, it is proper for a lawyer to engage [an outsourced legal service provider] to do work that is the practice of law.”

CLICK HERE >>> to read the research memorandum which we have prepared regarding the nature of our services.

Meet Our Satisfied Clients


LexOutsource’s legal outsourcing services are professional, affordable and reliable. My firm and clients have benefited greatly from LexOutsource for years.

~ Kenneth Wise, Ken Wise and Associates, Toronto, Ontario.


In the midst of a complex case, I required an immediate answer to a difficult series of integrated law and process questions. Our in-house research specialist was over-burdened and would have been hard pressed to find the time to help. By coincidence, at the same time I received an email from LexOutsource and decided to experiment with their services. I received a research report from LexOutsource that was prompt, delivered on schedule, on budget, and legally sound. Those circumstances repeated themselves the following week. Mr Irshad Motala from LexOutsource delivered an urgent analysis over-night that was thorough, skilled, mature and consistent with my understanding of the case-law. I will use LexOutsource again.

~ Herman Turkstra, Turkstra Mazza Lawyers, Hamilton, Ontario.


The legal research and writing provided by LexOutsource was timely. The resulting memorandum covered the issue on which we were seeking assistance. LexOutsource was particularly helpful because it is often difficult to find the time in a busy practice to conduct legal research on your own.

~ Derrick Watton Q.C., Murphy and Watton, Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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